Training is from our "Nuts & Bolts" perspective of introducing airbrush tanning in our Winter Park shop in February 2002 and taking it to the current volume of 500 to 700 tans per month, as well as our expansion to four other corporately operated location in the Orlando market. Our "real world" experiences are the basis of everything we cover in training.

Over the last several years we have watched people be tremendously successful or fall by the wayside in airbrush tanning. The keys to your success are motivation, good products and knowing how to use those products to produce great tans. As a company supplying airbrush tanning products, our success very much depends upon the success of our customers and for that reason we have made training available, free of charge, with each System we sell.

Training is both comprehensive and practical. Over the course of two days you are shown application techniques and are personally supervised as you airbrush 5 to 8 "guinea pigs" which we provide. Along with airbrush application techniques, subjects covered include the many variables of airbrush tans, such as skin as skin composition and issues, medications, positive and negative effects of other personal care products and life style issues in general. Besides the maintenance and care of equipment, there are a host of topics that need addressing such as overspray. ventilation, floorplans, customer education and marketing. From this basic platform we then are able to incorporate further subjects that are individual to our customers' visions of how they intend to approach the business of airbrush tanning in their markets, such as employee issues, salon negotiations, site specific imperatives as well as competitive information.

While over two days of intensive interaction much is addressed, experience has shown us that many more issues and questions will emerge during your startup period. We are available at any time to help you resolve these varying issues. Our business model relies as much on support as on up front training.

We conduct training in our shop in the Orlando, Florida area and people typically spend about a day and a help with us. In order to provide this personalized attention we keep our training groups small. Training is included at no charge to AIRBRUSH TANNING FLORIDA customers and not offered to the industry in general, or your competitor is down the street.

To summarize, Airbrush Tanning Florida training, includes:
- Techniques and hands on Airbrush Tanning
- Equipment Maintenance
- Customer Before and After Tan Instructions
- Contraindications to Airbrush Tanning
- Skin Issues
- Lifestyle Issues

Additionally, according to individual requirements, topics can include:
- Tan Station set-up
- Ventilation
- Floorplans
- Salon Negotiations
- Employee
- Marketing

It's our belief that OUR success depends upon YOUR success and the basis of your success is premium products, quality equipment and comprehensive training and support. We cannot "make" you successful. What we CAN do is provide you with the knowledge, skills and confidence to make yourself successful. We look forward to working with you as you realize the fun and profitability of this business.

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Steve & BA Wilson
Airbrush Tanning Florida

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